Author Dale Pfeiffer | The Pfeifferberg Chronicles
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Dale R Pfeiffer, Author

from Pittsburgh, PA

“Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.”
– Sir Francis Bacon

My Youth



In one succinct sentence, Sir Francis Bacon describes “a full man.” Ever since I read these concise words in one of my high school English literature classes, I have tried to practice these academic disciplines: reading, conference, and writing. I didn’t read or write much growing up. I was too occupied with more physical disciplines: baseball, basketball, and football. Being part of a competitive team of players helped me to practice conference. Isn’t shouting at umpires, coaches, fan, and other players considered conference? As a teenager I also practiced more physical disciplines: drag racing in my maroon, 1962 Ford Fairlane sedan to Ambridge High School football games on Friday nights, flirting, and hopefully, scoring with a hot cheer leader under the bleachers! Always wishful thinking! Always! Flirting is persuasive conferencing! Right?





Graduation Day

Steve Simmons (left), Dale Pfeiffer (center), Richard Olinger (right)

Building a Family

Dale Pfeiffer holding daughter, Charity Tamar

After becoming a “born again” Christian in 1971, my priorities changed. Now in conference with pastors and Christian brethren, I was persuaded to grow up, find a wife, and build a family. I found a wife and built a family. Come on! Two out of three is not that bad! Then happily married and shortly after preparing a Noah’s ark themed nursery room for my firstborn baby girl, Charity, I was accepted into Southeastern Bible College in Lakeland, Florida. While continuing to mature in conference skills, college provided the opportunity to give heed to the more neglected disciplines: reading and writing. I discovered that I loved academia more than sports and graduated as the Salutatorian of the Class of 1978. To God be the glory!

Old Salem, Winston Salem, NC

Into a Full Man

Since graduating from college as a professionally trained educator, I have read dozens of books on a variety of topics and written dozens of documents and books. So after a lifetime of reading, conference, and writing, hopefully, I have developed into a full man – not full of myself!


Picture below from left to right, a few of the author’s favorite things: Wing-fest, Corn Husker Festival, Appalachian Mountain View, and The Floyd Country Store Jamboree.