Non Fiction - The Pfeifferberg Chronicles
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Non Fiction

The Pfeifferberg Cookbook is available today for purchase! Only $19.95!

The Pfeifferberg Cookbook is Dale’s personal cookbook. This unique cookbook contains several delicious recipes gathered from family and friends from around the world. Since Dale is a historical fiction writer, many of the recipes are introduced with a paragraph or two about the origins of the recipe. Dale also provides levels of preparation difficulty for new cooks: Level One, Level Two, and Level Three. Being a creative foodie, Dale added several original recipes. The Pfeifferberg Cookbook contains many familiar and unfamiliar recipes.

Those who know Dale are very much aware that he is given to hospitality and this grace is reflected in a very active lifestyle. Dale grew up in Western Pennsylvania so his culinary skills are rooted in much beloved Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine. Dale has served Christian fellowships in hospitality for several decades in Pennsylvania, Florida, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. Dale has picked up local recipes while serving these states. As a traveling business man, Dale travels nationwide in the United States and Canada where he also picks up delicious recipes.

Today, Dale is a leader at Celebrate Recovery at Pinedale Christian Church in Winston Salem, North Carolina. One of Dale’s areas of service is overseeing meal preparation each week for between 60 to 80 guests. Many of the recipes that Dale’s prepares are from his cookbook.